1937/38 Season

Key Personnel

President: Charles E. Hunt

Conductor: John Stark Evans

Accompanist: Cora Moore Frey

Significant Dates and Milestones

9-28-37 First rehearsal (Elks Club).

1-15-38 Performed Chamber of Commerce reception for new residents.

1-21-38 Performed at Oregon Press Conference dinner.

1-26-38 CONCERT Eugene (Eugene High School). Sponsor Eugene High School Axemen’s Council. With Robert Mack, tenor.
Concert Program 01/26/1938
2- 2-38 CONCERT Eugene (McArthur Court). With Marian van Antwerp, female tenor.
Concert Program 02/02/1938

2-23-38 Performed at Farm Loan and Land Bank Association dinner.

2-25-38 CONCERT Portland (Civic Auditorium). Sponsor Portland Rotary Club; benefit Shrine Hospital. With George Hopkins, pianist.
Concert Program 02/25/1938

Performed on radio KGW.

3-8-38 Dinner meeting (Osburn Hotel).

3-23-38 Performed at Elks meeting.

4-5-38 Performed at Rotary meeting.

5-3-38 Performed at Retail Distributors and Chamber of Commerce dinner.

5-5-38 Performed on All-City Male Chorus program.

5-10-38 CONCERT Salem (Leslie Junior High School). Sponsor Salem Civic and Service Clubs; benefit Boy Scouts. With Hal Young, tenor.
Concert Program 05/10/1938

5-22-38 Performed at Knights of COlumbus state meeting.

5-23-38 CONCERT Eugene (McArthur Court). Sponsor A.S.U.04 Joint with Arion Club of Victoria, B.C.
Concert Program 05/23/1938

5-31-38 Annual meeting (McMorran and Washburn tearoom).