1931/32 Season

Key Personnel

President: Charles E. Hunt

Conductor: John Stark Evans

Accompanist: Cora Moore

Significant Dates and Milestones

9-22-31 First rehearsal (Chamber of Commerce).

10-13-31 Performed at Chamber of Commerce dinner.

10-21-31 Performed at Parent-Teachers Association state convention.

10-23-31 Performed at Oregon state Medical Society convention.

11-2-31 Performed at Chamber of Commerce dinner.

1-24-32 CONCERT : Eugene (McArthur Court). Sponsor A.S.U.O. With Hal Young, tenor.
Concert Program 01/24/1932

1-26-32 Annual meeting (Osburn Hotel).

2-16-32 Performed at pageant promotion meeting.

2-22-32 Performed at American Legion meeting.

3-22-32 Performed at Chamber of Commerce dinner.

4-1-32 Performed at dinner for Eric Allen.

4-16-32 Performed at Elks state meeting a

5-24-32 Performed at Odd Fellows state convention.

5-26-32 Performed on radio KORE.

5-27-32 CONCERT: Eugene (Music Building). With Sara Addleman, soprano; Dale Cooley, baritone.
Concert Program 05/27/1932

5-31-32 Performed at meeting protesting higher-education consolidation.

6-6-32 Performed at Oregon Bankers Association state convention.

6-7-32 Performed at McDonald Theater.

Learned to sing without holding music.

6-21-32 Performed at Rotary Luncheon, Centralia.

6-22-32 Performed at Rotary International convention, Seattle.

Performed on radios KJR and KOBO, Seattle.

6-30-32 Dinner meeting (McMorran and Washburne tearoom).

7-1-32 Performed on radio KORE (Shell program, from McDona1d Theater).