1928/29 Season

Key Personnel

President: Charles E. Hunt

Conductor: John Stark Evans

Accompanist: Cora Moore

Significant Dates and Milestones

10-4-28 Dues set at $3 annually.

10-9-28 First rehearsal (Chamber of Commerce).

12-4-28 CONCERT: Eugene (Music Building). With Roy Griffin Bryson, baritone.
Concert Program 12/04/1928

12-20-28 Performed at Chamber of Commerce dinner.

1- 8-29 Annual meeting (McMorran and Washburne tearoom).

1-10-29 Performed at dinner for Father O’Hara.

2-22-29 Performed at Oregon Press Conference dinner.

4-16-29 Performed at dinner for “Klatawa” pageant.

5- 1-29 Performed on Rotary Club benefit program.

5-24-29 CONCERT: Eugene (Music Building). With Harry Scougall, baritone; quartet of Carpenter, Hunt, Scott, Scougall, and accompanist Constance.
Concert Program 05/24/1929

5-31-29 Performed at Professional Engineers dinner.

6-4-29 Dinner meeting (Osburn Hotel)

6-15-29 Performed at pageant promotion meeting.

6-23-29 Performed at Chamber of Commerce dinner.