1927/28 Season

Key Personnel

President: Charles E. Hunt

Conductor: Tom Kaarhus, Eugene Carr

Accompanist: Cora Moore

Significant Dates and Milestones

9-27-27 Members canvassed as to desire to continue the club.

10-11-27 First rehearsal (Chamber of Commerce).

Members in American Legion minstrel show.

2-10-28 Performed at Oregon Press Conference dinner.

3-22-28 Performed at Chamber of Commerce Luncheon,

Associate memberships started.

4-14-28 Performed at American Legion trade expositiona

4-30-28 Performed at Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

5- 8-28 Annual meeting (Chamber of Corom.erce).

5-29-28 Performed on radio KORE.


Press Clippings 1927/28