1925/26 Season

Key Personnel

President: Frederick G. Jennings

Conductor: Hugh Winder

Accompanist: William Porter Bell

Significant Dates and Milestones

1-14-26 A meeting to organize a Eugene men’s chorus vas held in the Chamber of Commerce club rooms. Seven directors were elected, they to choose among themselves president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and conductor. Tuesday nights chosen for regular meetings.

1-21-26 First regular meeting (Chamber of Commerce), with about. forty present.

1-22-26 Funds for temporary financing to be solicited from Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Elks, Chamber of Commerce.

1-26-26 “Eugene Gleemen” chosen as name of club.

2-8-26 Performed at Lions dinner.

2-11-26 Performed at Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.

2-16-26 Performed at Oregon Retail Merchants dinner

3-12-26 Forty five “charter members” named by directors (see 2-20-51 when redefined as those either so listed or who sang in the first concert). All future candidates for membership to be screened by voice committee.

3-25-26 Performed at Chambar of Commerce dinner.

4-27-26 Concert uniform to be dark sack suits, winged collars, black ties.

5-28-26 CONCERT: Eugene (Methodist. Church) With Joanna James Ellis, soprano; Jean Harper, organist.; John B. Seifert, tenor; Hugh Winder, bass.

6-1-26 Annual meeting (Osburn Hotel).

6-25-26 Performed at Elks state convention.

Members in chorus for “Trail to Rail” pageant.

8-22-26 Performed at Kiwans district convention.

8-31-26 Note covering club indebtedness to be endorsed by several directors as security.


Press Clippings 1925/26