With such a long and varied history, the Eugene Gleemen have been blessed with a long line of historians who have meticulously recorded all aspects of Gleemen life, from the original meeting minutes recorded in long-hand script with a green fountain pen, to boxes of reel-to-reel tapes and LP records, to programs and digital photographs up through current times.

We hope you enjoy perusing this collection which is constantly being updated. Of particular interest is the historical journal of the early days of the Gleemen kept by a number of historians, which contains intimate (and often hilarious) details of concerts, trips, and in general a “Day in the life of a Eugene Gleemen”. This journal is in the process of being digitized, excerpts can be found here:

A Short History of the Gleemen – Part 1
A Short History of the Gleemen – Part 2
A Short History of the Gleemen – Part 3

The links below take you to all the recorded details that occurred during a “season year” – from Fall of one calendar year to Spring of the next. ┬áIt documents the key personnel for that year (President, Director, Accompanist), each performance, concert and significant event, and any important media artifacts such as photos, press clippings and scanned concert programs. We hope you enjoy these trips down memory lane as much as we did living them all those years ago…