Gleemen Grant

We’re proud of our support for local choral groups, and through the years have provided tens of thousands of dollars of assistance through the Gleemen Grant program.  If your choral group needs help with a specific project, or you know of such a group, please review the documentation below and the downloadable form.  All submissions are reviewed by the Gleemen Grant Committee and awards communicated, usually by October.  In return for awarding funds from the Gleemen Grant, we often ask recipients to perform with us in a future concert.

Mail submissions to:

The Gleemen Grant

PO Box 10692

Eugene, OR 97440

Gleemen Grant Application Form (PDF)

Name of program: Gleemen Grant.

Purpose of program: To encourage greater participation by male singers, to assist local choral organizations that include male singers, and to promote the Eugene Gleemen organization.

Target musical organizations: Choral organizations in the Eugene-Springfield and surrounding area that include male singers (high schools, Lane Community College, and youth choral organizations).

Amount of Annual Grants: Grants, usually up to $500, will be available to one or more organizations each year, the amount and number of Grants depending on types and quality of the proposals.

Eligibility criteria for Grant: Limited to school or non-profit choral organizations that include male singers. The Grant is primarily need-based; however, the overall quality of the proposal and its chances for success will be important considerations as well. The application proposal should focus on a particular event or experience for the organization how it plans to use the grant funds to assist and encourage its individual members to participate, if possible. This could be in the form of assisting needy members in buying or renting uniforms, covering individual membership fees, assisting with individual travel expenses, etc. The application proposal will be judged by the Gleemen Grant Committee and the Board of Directors. The grantee organizations must submit a final report to the Gleemen on their projects stipulating how the goals of their proposals were met.

Application Procedure: A standard Gleemen Grant Application Proposal form will be given to the applicant groups upon request.

Application period: Applications/proposals will be solicited in May with an August 15 deadline for return of completed applications/proposals.

Selection of Gleemen Grant Recipient(s):

  1. Applications will be available by May 1 each year and posted on the Gleemen website. A reminder will be sent to eligible groups at that time.
  2. Choral groups applying for the Gleemen Grant send their completed Grant applications to the Gleemen Grant Committee as soon as possible after August 1 and no later than August 15.*
  3. The Gleemen Grant Committee will review the applications for initial selection of a winning application/proposal(s) by no later than October 1. The Gleemen Board of Directors will make the final selection.
  4. The winner of the Gleemen Grant will be publicized in local and other media by the Gleemen Board of Directors. The choral group(s) receiving the grant shall publicize receipt of the Gleemen Grant in their concert program and other internal media, e.g., newsletters, etc.
  5. The Grant recipient(s) may be asked to perform, as appropriate, as a part of Gleemen concerts and other performances.
  6. If no worthy applications are forwarded to the Gleemen by the deadline, no Grant will be awarded.

Approved June 2009 and revised by Eugene Gleemen BOD May 2011